(Make Some Time) Smooth Jazz Weekend w/Tina E.
Smooth Jazz Weekend Radio Show w/Tina E.July 06, 20231:00:0055.1 MB

(Make Some Time) Smooth Jazz Weekend w/Tina E.

This weekend is filled to maximum capacity with upbeat tempos, infectious melodies and driving rhythms!! It's guaranteed to put a pep in your step and a vibe in your stride! Enjoy!

Set 1:

Kayla Waters-Undulation

Erisa Nicole-Fresh

Von Stupart-Livin' It Up In The City

Jeffery Smith Happy

Jeff Bradshaw-Make Some Time

Set 2:

Tony Exum Jr. ft. Vandell Andrew-Don't Run From Love

Kerry Wilkins-Waiting For You

Jazz In Pink-Sisterness

Anthony B. Ingram-Where Are You

Tony DeWayne-Midnight Soul

Set 3:

Tim Watson-All I Wanna Do

Anthony Cannon-Good Morning Aruba

Lisa Addeo-Sassified

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