(Table For 2) Smooth Jazz Weekend w/Tina E.

(Table For 2) Smooth Jazz Weekend w/Tina E.

Calling all jazz enthusiasts, groove seekers, and melody maestros! Get ready to indulge in an evening of pure musical magic. Sit back, relax, and let the timeless magic of jazz transport you to new heights of musical bliss.

Set 1:

The Braxton Brothers-Let's Have A Good Time

Blake Aaron-Big Bounce

Christian De Mesones-You Only LIve Twice

Robert Crawford-To The Sky

Evan Carydakis-Cherry Pops

Set 2:

Nicholas Cole-Table For 2

Marcus H. Mitchell-H.E.R.

Moonchild ft. Alex Isley-You Got One

Hunter Rose-Forever Yours

Lin Rountree ft. Lindsey Webster-Me For Me

Set 3:

Lamek ft. Ryan La Valette-Groove Central

Ryan Montano-Soulfully

Nathan Mitchell ft. MArcus Anderson-100% Cotton

Chan Hall ft. Judah Sealy-Life Is Good

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