(Sweet Nothings) Smooth Jazz Weekend w/Tina E.
Smooth Jazz Weekend Radio Show w/Tina E.August 17, 20231:00:0055.1 MB

(Sweet Nothings) Smooth Jazz Weekend w/Tina E.

Get ready to indulge in a velvety embrace of musical tenderness as we dive into the mesmerizing world of 'Sweet Nothings' on this week's smooth jazz rendezvous. Join us for a musical soiree where melodies whisper and notes caress, painting a canvas of intimate sounds that speak directly to your heart.

Set 1:

Justin Lee Schultz-Fellowship

David P. Stevens-Everybody Groove

Kayla Waters-I Am

Bob Baldwin ft. Eric Valentine-All My Life

Antoine Knight-A Knight 2 Remember

Set 2:

Reggie Hines-We Meet Again

Michael Kitanda-Sweet Nothings

Andre Ward-Heaven In My Life

James PJ Spraggins-Waiting In The Wings

Greg Manning-Your Love Is Good

Set 3:

Skinny Hightower-Mind Over Matter

Lamont Caleb Coward-Drive

Lin Rountree-The Message

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